NASA X-HAB Intrepid Exhibit


Develop an exhibition for MOTH displaying its evolution over the yearlong design process.  Make the viewer feel like they are experiencing the habitat in scale.


10' tall wall graphic gives scale and illustrates the expansiveness of the habitat.  While portions of the Sleepod and Toolkit are built to create context.


Space Shuttle Pavillion on Deck of Intrepid Museum


MOTH Pratt NASA X-HAB Exhibition


Sleeppod: Amira Selim, Maddy Profio, Yasmeen Farraj

Toolkit: Dillon Chen, Jacob Soloski, Jungho Park, Diania Juarez, Enhan Shi

PROFESSORS: Michael Morris, Rebecca Pailes-Friedman, Melodie Yashar

Sleepod Structure and Assembly


Assembled in eight pieces, that are mounted together bolts and mdf plates.  They are covered in , to represent the kevlar inflatable of MOTH.  

Together these pieces make 1/2 of the sleeppod.  With the erogonomic wall on the top, the bed bay with the sleeping restraints on the lower half.

For further detail see the dedicated Pratt NASA X-HAB page.


Toolkit Structure and Assembly
Wall Graphic
Table Graphic
Intrepid Site Model
Completed Installation